Common Causes of Enamel Loss

Posted on 3/10/2017 by Brandon Cooley
A cup of hot coffee.
Enamel is constantly being leeched out of our teeth. It happens whether we like it, or not. However, knowing what causes the enamel to be lost, can help us care for our mouths on a better level.

If you aren't sure why your teeth need enamel, think about how much a warm cup of coffee or a cold bite of ice cream would hurt if there wasn't a barrier between those items and the roots of your teeth. It would cause shock waves through your mouth, and they would be incredibly painful. Here are a few reasons you may be losing some enamel.

Common Reasons Your Teeth Lose Enamel

Having too little saliva in your mouth can cause your teeth to lose enamel. The saliva coating your teeth is part of what helps to restore enamel to your teeth. When you don't produce enough, you lose out on what your teeth should be getting.

Fracturing a tooth literally breaks some of the enamel off of your teeth. This is difficult to restore, to say the least. If the chip is small, your tooth may be able to restore itself slightly, however, for larger chips or breaks, that enamel is not going to be able to be replaced.

Some medications can cause you to lose enamel on your teeth, and they can also cause you dry mouth, which promotes a loss of saliva. If you are struggling with a medication that is stripping your teeth or drying your mouth out, find out if you can switch medications to rectify this situation.

A loss of enamel can leave you with sensitive teeth, additional cavities, and early tooth decay. Contact our office if your teeth are starting to hurt or become unhealthy, and they may be able to provide you with ways of boosting your enamel.

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