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Simple Ways to Get Kids to Skip the Candy

Posted on 7/28/2015 by Brandon Cooley
A little girl in a witch costume holding up a bag of candy!Trying to convince your children to skip the candy can be a real problem, especially during holidays and parties. This is one of the hardest dental challenges that parents have to face. Lots of candy is considered a kid's dream, but a parent's worst nightmare. This is why it is important to start teaching your kids about maintaining good dental health and healthy eating habits. If your kids learn healthy habits while they are young, it can help instill these practices in them as adults.

Always Try To Talk With Your Children
One simple way to help convince your children to skip the candy is to have a conversation with them. Talking to your kids about the dental problems that can arise from eating too many sweets may prove to be very beneficial. Parents should not make their adolescents avoid eating candy all together.

This can lead to deprivation and make them more compelled to eat the candy. Your young ones may end up overindulging in sweets and sneaking to eat them behind your back. Help your kids understand how eating excess sugar can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Cavities can cause the teeth to break down, rot, and fall out. Explain to your children how rotten or missing teeth can really damage a person's physical appearance, self-esteem and negatively impact mental health.

Teach Your Kids to Eat Nutritious and Healthy Foods

Another easy way to help your kids skip the sweets is to teach them why it is good to eat nutritious and healthy foods. Help them understand there is nothing wrong with eating candy, but healthy snacks should take precedence over junk food.

When you go shopping, let your young ones select nutritious foods they would like to eat and encourage them to help with the preparation of meals. Getting them involved can really teach them the benefits of eating right. Encourage your adolescents to eat more fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of candy. Fruits that can be used as substitutes for junk food are apples, bananas, grapes, and pears. These kinds of foods are naturally sweet and kids enjoy eating them.

Establish A Time For Your Young Ones to Eat Treats
A more convenient way to encourage your kids to skip the candy is to establish a specific time for treats. This can help them foster a healthy thinking about eating sweets. Make them understand that candy should not be eaten all day long and there is a set time for everything. The key to stopping overindulgence is to eat candy in moderation. If your adolescents know that there is a set time for treats each day, they may be less inclined to think about eating candy during other times of the day.

Reward Your Adolescents For Not Eating Sweets
Reward your adolescents for not eating sweets, especially if they already have dental problems. Take them to the park, mall, movies or any other places they like to go or hang out. Allow them to bring friends over to play games and watch television. By letting your children engage in other activities, this can help keep their minds off of eating candy all day long.

Praise your kids for maintaining good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits. For smaller children, try to make teeth brushing fun. Allow them to choose toothbrushes with cartoon characters and colorful designs that they will enjoy. Little kids cannot wait to use a new toothbrush. Let your children pick their own toothpaste and allow them to select from a variety of flavors and colors.

Things To Remember
Always remember never to make your kids choose. Do not make them avoid candy all together because this can make children compelled to overeat sweets. Too much of anything is bad. Teach them that healthy food has precedence over junk food. Encourage your children to eat candy in moderation and to eat more nutritious snacks. Help them understand that overindulging in candy can result in cavities and tooth decay. Good oral health is connected with a person's overall wellbeing.

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