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Why Are My Teeth Moving Out of Position?

Posted on 3/15/2016 by Brandon Cooley
A woman suffering from shifting teeth inside her mouth.Shifting teeth can happen for a number of reasons, and just because you are an adult doesn't mean that your teeth are in their permanent positions.

Something as simple as sleeping on the same side every night can cause your teeth to move out of proper alignment; grinding or another bad habit may also be to blame.

Unfortunately, shifting teeth aren't purely a cosmetic concern. You could experience problems with your bite or have a difficult time keeping your teeth clean. By understanding some of the common reasons that your teeth might be shifting, you can take the proper precautions:

•  Cavities and decay. It is possible that having cavities filled as a result of decay can cause your teeth to move, especially if you have composite fillings. Unfortunately, the alternative is to simply let the decay spread, but then you will experience tooth shifting if you lose teeth as a result.
•  Genetics. It is possible that you are carrying genes that can cause your teeth to shift as you age. Ask your parents about their experience with shifting teeth.
•  Tooth loss. When you lose a tooth, it is in your best interest to have that space filled. A blank space can cause the teeth around it to shift to attempt to fill in the gap.
•  Bruxism. If you clench and grind your teeth, the excess force can cause your teeth to realign.
•  Age. Many people experience wear as part of the natural part of the aging process, and since the bottom teeth wear out faster than the upper teeth, they can slowly shift out of place.

Teeth that have shifted out of their normal position are unattractive and can cause some serious self-esteem issues.

If you have noticed that your teeth have shifted, it is important to contact our office in order to find out the reason for the misalignment and what you can do to correct it.

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