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Dental Bonding in Bellevue, WA

Young man with white, handsome smile Your smile says a lot about you. A major component of your smile is your teeth. Chances are, you don't spend too much time thinking about them, or your smile unless they affected by imperfections. Even the smallest imperfections can have a major impact on the quality of your smile, and your confidence. At Cooley Smiles Bellvue, we can give you back your beautiful smile with composite bonding.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a procedure that is meant to fix a variety of minor dental imperfections in your teeth. It is a tooth colored material that is made up of plastic, fine glass, and resin. The material is very versatile and can be molded and shaped to meet some different needs. Common imperfections that composite bonding can fix include:
•  Small chips or cracks that only affect the enamel layer of your teeth.
•  Gaps between your teeth.
•  Teeth that are misshapen, or smaller than the surrounding teeth.
•  Discoloration. Bonding can be used to correct discoloration that does not respond to whitening procedures.
•  Composite bonding can also be used as a filling, providing an aesthetic alternative to amalgam fillings.

How Is Bonding Done?

Bonding is a simple, straightforward procedure that can be completed in less than one visit (usually within an hour). It is completely pain-free and does not require the use of a local anesthetic. After cleaning your teeth, we apply an acid etch, which roughens up the surface of your teeth. A rough texture helps to create a better bond between the composite resin and your teeth. A thin layer of the composite resin is applied to the tooth and cured (dried) with a special light. We then continue to apply the material in layers until there is enough to shape. Once we have achieved the desired results, we use the light to cure the material one last time. We then polish the material smoothly. Bonding is ready to use as soon as you leave the office.

Taking Care of Your Composite Bonding

Taking care of your bonding is no different from caring for the rest of your teeth. It is important that you brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Bonding cannot decay, but it can still collect plaque and bacteria. Avoid biting down or chewing on anything hard, like popcorn kernels or ice. Bonding is susceptible to chipping and breaking. You should also avoid smoking, as bonding can stain and no whitening procedure can correct it. Finally, it is important to have professional cleanings and exams at least twice a year. With these visits, we can help you to prevent serious oral health issues from occurring.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

Bonding offers several benefits:
•  The procedure is pain-free. There is no need for even a local anesthetic.
•  It is quick. Bonding can be completed in a single visit, in less than an hour.
•  Bonding is affordable. It costs less than other cosmetic options (such as veneers and crowns).
•  Bonding is less invasive than other cosmetic options. There is no need to remove any of the enamel from your teeth.
•  You regain your confidence. With your teeth beautifully restored, you will regain your confidence, and won't be able to help but show off your smile.

Don't let minor dental imperfections force you to hide your smile. To learn more about composite bonding, and to find out if it's right for you, contact Cooley Smiles Bellevue today at (425) 998-6998.

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Don't let minor dental imperfections force you to hide your smile. To learn more about composite dental bonding call us today for an appointment!
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