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Tooth Colored Fillings

Why Aren't Silver Fillings an Option?

Now there is no more need to worry about cavities, broken or chipped teeth as it can be easily rectified by tooth-colored fillings. Since composite fillings offer a natural look, once done, it will look no different from the rest of your teeth.

The fillings can be made to match the exact color of your teeth; in fact, they look so much like your own teeth, that they are also used to fill gaps, change the shape, size or color of your stained, existing teeth.

The Nature of Tooth Colored Fillings

Most of the time, tooth colored fillings are composite resin fillings comprised of versatile materials. The material that is commonly used is called BIS-GMA which is a hard fluid acrylic material that binds other glass filler materials together. The material is easy and has been refined to give you a better feel and look. To modulate the color of the material, little amounts of copper, gold or cobalt is added while zirconium and titanium oxide is used to provide opacity to the resin.

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Metallic Versus Composite

Composite resins have taken over from metallic fillings which are easily noticed and can also make your lovely smile look bad. Also, some people may have allergies pertaining to certain types of metal and as such, this kind of filling may pose serious health hazards for them. Previously, when only metallic fillings were available, people had no choice in the matter, however, thanks to advancements in technology, today the market is filled with amazing advanced materials that are used as fillings. Even if you have had a metallic filling before, you can replace it with a nice, natural looking filling and no one will be the wiser.

Another problem with metallic fillings was that metals are sensitive to heat and cold. So they tend to expand and contract when you eat or drink anything hot or cold. As these fillings are just plastered onto your tooth and not secured, they can fall out, break or crack your tooth, causing further damage.

The American Dental Association has had a few concerns with using metallic fillings for expectant mothers and children. The association considers composite fillings safer than metallic ones.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Although most people choose composite fillings because of the way it makes them look, there are many more advantages.
•  Tooth colored fillings are more durable than metallic fillings as the materials that dentists use these days are designed to last longer and are more durable in nature.
•  They are chemically bonded to the tooth and so there is no need to use pins, slots or grooves to secure them in place.
•  The tooth becomes stronger due to the usage of bonding material.
•  The person does not have to wait for the filling to set or harden as it happens within seconds.
•  There is little to no sensitivity in the tooth because of the filling.
•  Tooth colored fillings can be used on any tooth and they can be easily replaced if they happen to get damaged or fall out.

The Process of Filling

•  When the amount of filling is minimal, the person does not even need an anesthetic to numb the area.
•  The filling can just be bonded onto the tooth using certain chemicals.
•  In case of a badly decayed tooth, then anesthesia is required for the area in order to remove the decay.
•  Then the tooth is cleaned using a weak acid which acts as a primer. The acid serves to open the pores in the dentin and enamel and then a bonding agent is applied onto the open pores to enable the process of curing.
•  Curing is an essential step as it prepares the tooth colored filling to bond to the tooth with the help of a bonding agent.
•  Then the filling material is shaped to match the contour of the tooth and is set using a curing light.
•  After the filling is set, the dentist will check your bite and necessary adjustments will be made.

Taking Care of Tooth Colored Fillings

Although tooth colored fillings are more durable than metallic fillings, regular care is necessary. They tend to darken when the person is prone to drinking tea or coffee. In order to maintain the color of the resin, it is recommended that the person avoids drinks and foods that may contain dyes. Alcoholic drinks are also detrimental to the resin. Regular brushing and flossing is recommended to give a longer life to your fillings and keep your usual visits to the dentists. Replace fillings as soon as they fall to protect the health of your teeth.

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